A rare early snow storm had moved over Southern Colorado converging with the Fall colors as they were peaking! The timing was impeccable. I was on a visit in Durango with my young son for seven days. We prepared our gear and food with anticipation and excitement of what lay ahead that morning. We would not be disappointed. A light dusting of snow covered everything. The snowflakes glistened on the edges with sunlight. The ambient light softened as it filtered through snow squalls shifting and shaping on the fly. The natural surround was illuminated and the air had a clean crisp feeling wherever we wandered to stopÑtaking it in.

Along side of the road just over Molas PassÕ crest there is a wide pull out. We pulled over then then scrambled down the hill to a meadow. Perfect clouds, light and color. A skiff of snow melting in the grass was a nice accent.

A Nikon D300, DSLR Camera, with a 17-55mm Nikkor lens at a focal length of 26mm was made at 1/80th second with a F-Stop of f/22 and an ISO 200 to capture this image of Twilight Peak.

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