We had decided a day hike to Hanging Lake after a soak in Glenwood Springs Hot Springs would be a perfect finish to a weeklong excursion backpacking and camping. Water was flowing over the cliffs into the lake accentuating the sceneÕs tranquility and beauty. I had always wanted to explore what it would be like to make a photo from behind the falls out across the lake. Navigating around the east side of the lakes edge to the cliff I covered my camera mounted on tripod under the fabric of my rain coat and snuck in behind the falls. It felt like a torrential rain storm. I spent about 10 minutes making stop motion images of the falls to make them look like strands of threads. The result? I was drenched and the image captured the experience better than anticipated! The photograph was made with a Nikon D300, a 20mm Nikkor lens, f-stop set at f22, ISO 200 and Shutter Speed at 1/3 sec.

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