This book is a collection of images about life in Colorado and how we live in relation to its expansive landscape. These images are designed to capture the viewer’s imagination then cause them to pause in awe. As much as these images are about an expansive perspective, in juxtaposition they reveal the most intricate details nature has created. I hope you experience how it feels to be out in the field making photographs–a contemplative one connecting you with nature and the extraordinary found in the ordinary. 

This is a story about Chasing light in and through Colorado’s exquisite extent treasures. Photographing how we live, the light and the land here are a landscape photographer’s dream. I watch the weather maps on line for significant systems flowing into and through Colorado especially cold fronts indicating a snow storm is on the way–timing is everything. Nothing matches the beauty of mountains jutting skyward, a lake’s reflection, the plains rolling horizon or desert sandstone cliffs at sunset or sunrise.