About Robert Castellino

Robert Castellino has been a Coloradan since 1974. He has written six best selling and critically acclaimed books on Colorado. He passionate about everything he engages especially – Colorado: its’  People and Wild Lands.

He is deeply concerned about Colorado’s future in terms of water, public lands and the quality of environment we leave for future generations.


International: Lowe Pro Action Photographer 2008/09,

Local: Castellino wins 3rd place at “Lens on the Land: Exhibit for Boulder County Open Space.

TED Talks 

Robert’s TEDx Talk, “Solving the Climate Crisis by Rapid Prototyping Change,” is live on YouTube.  He is the founder of Climate Colorado an organization devoted to solving climate challenges around Colorado on a local level. Those Colorado challenges include:

  • alternative energy production, & energy efficiency,
  • food supply
  • zero waste
  • transportation
  • sustainable communities, and housing
  • businesses for social responsibility
  • water supply
  • population displacement

Robert’s Talks Inspire:

  • How to make exceptional photographs of Colorado
  • The Colorado Water story and our lifeline
  • The value of public lands to Colorado’s locals and the threats these lands face