Ukiah, my Aussie Shepherd/Chow mix, and I walked in the summer heat from the trailhead before dawn to the Marshall Wetland ponds in south Boulder. I set up my tripod and camera up in about six inches of slimy moss filled water on the gravel wetland bottom.

A bank of clouds shrouded the horizon to the east. Ukiah was out sniffing feet away from where I stood.

Just as the sun rose and I was captured this amazing reflection, a huge and beautifully marked Bull Frog swam up and stopped directly between my feet. The Bull Frog was at least a foot long. The most gorgeous frog I had ever seen.

I was perplexed. I tried to move the camera to photograph the Bull Frog but just as I did it swam back to safety between the reeds and cattails.

Oh what a moment! The scene and reflection were beautiful enough, but the frog underfoot was special!

A Pentax 67II Medium format camera with a 55mm lens, f-22, shutter speed at 1/30th of a sec and Fuji Velvia Film (ISO50) were used to capture the timelapsed reflection.

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