I had spent the afternoon visiting Denver Urban Gardens to highlight their importance to the community for the book I was photographing and writing, ÒDenver: Gateway to the Rockies.Ó Strolling through the Denver Botanical GardenÕs neighborhood community garden this particular couple of Sun Flowers called me closer. After considering what might work best, I asked a woman watering her bed nearby if she would spray water from the hose in her hand over the flowers as the sunset into the evening. Using a time lapsed technique to make the photograph, the backlit splash appeared to make the Sun Flowers feel as though they were dancing lending to the photographs name Ð Flower Dance.

A Pentax 67II Medium format camera with a 55mm lens w focusing ring, f-22, shutter speed at 1/2 of a second and Fuji Velvia Film (ISO50) were used to capture the time-lapsed streams of water and back lit flowers. The 60X70mm transparency was scanned and enhanced in photoshop to open the shadows and increase colorsÕ saturation.

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