I woke early and unsettled after long night. Heavy rains and a thunder storm had raged since the late evening. It was dark. I had no knowledge of natural settings existed in east Boulder County between Lafayette and Longmont. At dawn, I drove north on Highway 287 until I crossed a bridge. I came back and setup my tripod overlooking a bend in Boulder Creek disappearing into horizon. Everything was soaking wet with dew and a lit mist filled the air. Then the sun rose and it was hot. It’s rays illuminated the trees, the river’s riffles and produced a yellow glow in the mist. The amplitude of the mist rising and color were spectacular.

A Pentax 67II Medium format camera with a 55mm lens, f-22, shutter speed at 1/60th of a sec and Fuji Velvia Film (ISO50) were used to capture mist, color and light on the river.

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