We had rafted Browns Canyon on the Arkansas river earlier in the day then soaked at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs into the evening. We driving back towards Buena Vista, Colorado on Chalk Creek Drive as the sun set over the Collegiate Range and Mount Yale! The orange red sunset glow filled the landscape as we drove east away from the mountains. A large drainage ditch fed by waters from Chalk Creek ran through a culvert under the road. I hesitated as I drove by looking over my shoulder north and west. In that moment’s glance I saw Mount Yale reflecting in a pool of still water in the ditch. I slowed to an immediate stop, turned back west up the road and came to a stop just beyond the irrigation ditch. Not hesitating the group jumped from the car as I grabbed my camera bag and tripod. Climbed the Barbed-Wire fence leading into the field where the still pool of water lay. The intensity of the sunset kept building. Filling the upper flanks of the peak with threads of snow running down ravines and gullies on it’s steep slopes. Standing in silence we watched as the setting sun showed bright over ridges of the Collegiate Range. It was awe inspiring. . A 35mm Nikon F4 with 55mm Nikkor Lens with an F-Stop set at f32 and shutter speed at 1/60th of a second was used to capture this beautiful sunset, the mountains and reflection in the irrigation ditch’s still water pool.

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