We were camped along the edge of Yellowstone Lake at Bridge Bay Campground for three nights - July 2008.


The last morning I woke early and headed towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. I had made photographs of the sun rising over the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and the Yellowstone Falls. It was beautiful.


As I began to drive back to camp along the Yellowstone river an erie fog bank had crept into the forrest beside the road. The sun’s rays were filtering through the trees illuminated the forest floor at the same time.


I stopped in a small turn out, pulled my camera from the car and headed through the forest toward the light beams flowing through the trees. I came to a small clearing and setup my camera.


Within a  heart beat maybe a breath I was able to capture the forest illuminated in mist!


A Nikon D300, DSLR Camera , 17-55mm zoom Nikkor zoom lens with a focal length of 26 mm was made at 1/3rd of a second with an F-Stop of f22 and ISO 200 to make this image of the forest in the mist!

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