I lived in a miner’s cabin built in 1918 at 6th and Cascade a block from Chautauqua Meadow and the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado for ten years from 1990 to 2000. Unheard of even during those years—rent was only $250 a month. That’s how I afforded to become a self-published photographer and have access to everything Boulder and Chautauqua Park. Including amazing sunrises after winter and spring snowstorms.

It had started snowing hard the afternoon before. I woke to about one and a half feet of fresh snow. Looking out the front door of the cabin the clouds appeared to be clearing. It wasn’t quite sunrise when I geared up with my camera bag in back pack heading out the door up 6th Street to the meadow. First a cup of tea.

Dawn had risen to the morning, yet the sun hadn’t crested the eastern horizon. It was cold and crisp. Slowly the morning light filtered through the clouds over the eastern plains. Clouds shrouded the Flatirons for a while then began to clear. As the sun came up the clouds vaporized ever so slowly leaving a mist in the air and the Flatirons illuminated as if a brides veil had been laid over them.

I had three favorite locations capture images of the Flatirons near base line road along the trail heading towards Gregory Canyon. I pulled a medium length lens for the Pentax 67II with Fuji Velvia 50 ISO loaded. Stopped down to F22. Test exposure registered 4 seconds dead on. I bracketed three shots - one on, one over, and one under. I stayed a while taking in the moment in awe. Amazing to have lived this close.

Camera in the bag. Back pack over my shoulders I headed a block home to breakfast. After a shower and breakfast, I’d head outside to the steps leading to the basement to the world headquarters of Whispering River – my fledgling publishing company. There I spent ten years selling calendars, books and greeting cards from the 300 square foot basement. It was nirvana!

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