Some Saturday evenings are best venturing into Rocky Mountain National Park atop Trail Ridge Road for dinner. Camera, food, and rain gear in pack I parked off the side of the road across from Forrest Canyon. Hiking a short ½ mile up to the Trail Ridge, I found a high tundra grassy plateau to relax and enjoy my meal. Of course having set my tripod up with the Camera saddled securely was first priority.

The peaks above Forrest Canyon to the south appear to be floating on the horizon. I sat waiting for the clouds to clear and an amazing sunset to develop. Nothing doing. So I worked my way through my salad. Then to my surprise a three-prong horned buck strolled into the scene grazing as if the grass was as tasty as my meal.

Slowly I moved from my seated grassy area up to the camera. The deer didn’t even flinch even being less than 20-25’ away. As I adjusted my camera’s settings the deer paused and looked up. Making sure I wasn’t moving hastily his way. Instead he posed for the shot. Then as quickly as he had looked directly my way he moved on nibbling as if I wasn’t there.

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