The Aspen had turned Golden and the first fall snow had flown. My son and I were nearly exhausted after an amazing half day making photos of the Colorado Fall Aspen Colors. We started in Durango. Traveled over Molas Pass to Silverton then over Red Mountain Pass to Ouray and back again. We had rounded the bend at Cascade Village. There on our immediate right was a tapestry of fall colors lwoven between the willows of the meadow to the tall stand of Aspen at the base of the mountain. Rich reds, hues of orange and Gold. The snow cloulds had shrouded the landscape in shadow. Stopping on the roadside I setup my tripod to photograph one last image. With a 180mm lens, mounted on my Nikon D300, stopped down to F22 at the image was made at 2 seconds. I love the sandwich feeling of the fore, middle and background compressed appearing almost flat - no depth at all. It's the plethora of colors and the distinct silver lines of the Aspen trunks that captured my attention. Compose, Expose and Click. Colorado fall magic in the San Juans!

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