bookColorado: Life and Light on the Land

Colorado: Life and Light on the Land
is collection of images is about life in Colorado and how we live in relation to its expansive landscape. These images are designed to capture the viewer’s imagination then cause them to pause in awe. As much as these images are about an expansive perspective, in juxtaposition, they reveal the most intricate details nature has created.

The book is designed to give viewers an experience of how it feels to be out in the field making photographs—a contemplative one connecting them with nature and the extraordinary found in the ordinary.

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Colorado Roadside Photography Guide

The Colorado: Roadside Photography Guide offers an easy approach to the art of making extraordinary photographs in the field on location in every corner of Colorado. Maps or directions to each location help you to pinpoint perspectives of the exceptional views and vistas to be found there. Buy Now

Ebook: Boulder – Yesterday and Today

The words inscribed on these pages reflect the voices of the people of Boulder.

They mark the earliest days of those who shaped Boulder out of a miner’s supply town on the edge of the western frontier into the vibrant city known today for her legendary quality of life, natural beauty and entrepreneurial spirit.
The graphics and headlines of bygone days portray life as it has changed through the time continuum in Boulder, always on her own rebellious and independent terms.
The historical photographs etched on these pages comparing life as it was to what it has becomeare a tribute to the photographers who devoted themselves to the passion of making a visual record of Boulder—her surrounding area, her story and her people. 

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