bobAbout Robert Castellino

Robert Castellino is passionate about teaching photography and project based publishing. He has a unique ability to mold ideas, words and images into powerfully impassioned stories. Bob enjoys engaging students in exploring their passion for making photographs, and gently challenging them to improve their skills through a participative and interactive approach.

Among his many of photographic accomplishments through the years he is most highly regarded for writing, photographing and publishing five photographic story and guide books entitled “Boulder: Heart & Soul, People & Place ,“and ” Colorado: Heart & Soul,” and “Denver: Gateway to the Rockies,” “Colorado: Roadside Photography Guide,” and “Boulder: Yesterday and Today—A Photographic Retropsective.”

Bob is an accomplished, versatile, creative and multifaceted professional. He taught photography at the Music and Arts Conservatory of Santa Barbara, Boulder Digital Arts, Mike’s Camera, Camera Clubs around the West, and his own photographic workshops at Reed Photo Imaging, Snowmass Workshops in Aspen, and Englewood Camera.

One of his specialties is golf course photography. His work has been featured in Golf Week, Golf World, Avid Golfer and the Golf Channel.  Gracing club houses, score cards and Hole-In-One scorers his images and prints define golf course architecture at it’s finest.  Oddly, enough as passionate as Bob is about the natural world he is an avid golfer sporting a single-digit-handicap as player. That’s what separates his golf course photography from the crowd his knowledge, understanding and love of the game.

Bob is known to go the extra mile to find a great location, look a little harder for people in an unusual situation to develop or wait a little longer for the right conditions to make a photograph. He loves to write, publish and produce multi-media movies. He has a unique ability to mold ideas, words and images into powerfully impassioned stories. Bob enjoys the creative process of developing concept into a meaningful story to share with people as much as he enjoys the story telling itself.

He is renowned for building collaborative business partnerships and works as a consultant in the publishing industry. He works as a consultant to artists, authors, photographers and business managers/owners. He has great concern for all things wild and natural in the West as well as the fragile state of human kind around the world.